Event Showcase - VRC Young Members Ball 2019


Every year the Victoria Racing Club hosts its annual Young Members Ball, always an exceptional occasion with its over the top, larger than life event styling. This year was no exception with a surreal enchanted forest at the core of its theme that overtook Crown’s Palladium for the night.

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a surreal enchanted forest at the core of its theme that overtook Crown’s Palladium.


The Room Look

The venue was completely draped out in block out black to create a moody and dramatic base to work from. Silhouettes of trees were projected onto the drapes and laser cut trees featured around the room to create a sense of depth and dimension to the event space.

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The Table Setting

Long trestle style tables adorned the room with banquet rounds occasionally featured for contrast in an effortless fashion. Whimsical, ornate  dining chairs featured on the trestle tables with banquet chairs covered in black covers to create additional drama for each table. Tall wispy grasses with florals featured on each table setting to create interest and an interesting conversation starter for guests.  


The ceiling Installation

Our favourite part, the ceiling installation featured botanicals and branches to allow guests to be transported to a dining setting under a thick canopy of trees. Our entire collection of chandeliers featured in a disarray over the entire venue in mixed clusters to create a sense of enchantment and magic as well as providing a soft warm glow over the venue. 

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Final thoughts

We absolutely loved the look of this event and take note ~ this is how you do an enchanted forest theme ladies and gents! A special thank you to all suppliers and event vendors who helped contribute to the look and feel of the VRC Young Members Ball. If you have an event that requires a touch of magic with our chandeliers, talk to us today.

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Eugene Guye