How To Choose Your Wedding Chandelier.


With so many options for chandelier installations, it can be overwhelming picking the right accent for your wedding. After all, how many times are you put in a position where one must pick a chandelier? We’re here to help you on your way to styling success for a flawless, perfect wedding day. 

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Your overall theme and venue will dictate the style of chandelier that will most likely suit your wedding style.


What’s your colour palette?

Colour palettes can sometimes help choose your wedding chandelier. For example, if you are choosing silver metallic accents everywhere else, don’t mix in a gold chandelier ~ the whole room will look a little off, as a rule of thumb, don’t mix metallics. Don’t have any metallics in the room? Warm colours like reds, warm whites and peach tones tend to love gold tones and cooler tones like blues and purples tend to favour silver accents.

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wedding chandelier hire melbourne

Styling a rustic wedding theme?

Your overall theme and venue will dictate the style of chandelier that will most likely suit your wedding style. For example, If you intend on saying your I do’s in a rustic style countryside venue, a classic French basket chandelier like our Monet range will look a little odd. We would tell you however, that our Harper range would be very fitting for a rustic style ceremony. With vintage brass and bevelled glass detailing and array of pendant shapes enhance any rustic theme, it’s guaranteed to be the envy of every other boho chic bride.


Classic romantic styling more your thing?

Opting for a more traditional wedding reception hall or venue such as Leonda on the Yarra? Most venues like this are in classic bridal white and lend themselves to a crisp, bridal look. In venues such as these, we recommend a crystal armed chandelier much like our Ava range. Dripping in opulence, our Ava range is a classic staple in luxury styling. Consisting of ornate detailed arms as well as crystal cut pendants, it’s brilliance is perfect for any decadent occasion that requires a touch of lavishness that can only be achieved with a statement chandelier like the Ava. Perfect for a first dance in the middle of your venue or use our various Avas to create a stunning feature ceiling installation over your equally stunning wedding table and party on, all night long!

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Celebrating your vows in a non traditional setting?

Celebrating love in a not so traditional venue space such as the National Gallery of Victoria or Mural Hall? Need something that has your guests exclaiming joyfully as they walk into your reception? Then look no further. The French knew how to throw a party and eat cake, which is exactly what you should be doing, under this chandelier of course! The Monet boasts a classic shape with brilliant beading work and cut crystal elements to really bring this chandelier design to life! Pair with our gorgeous fairy light garland strands and you’ll have yourself the most opulent looking affair in town.


Not sure where to go from here?

We get it, even with all this information it can be hard to make a decision. If you’re feeling a little lost or need some advice our office are always here to help you make sure your wedding day is a fab one!


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