Wedding Showcase ~ Bianca & Mike


The Venue

Bianca and Mike decided to choose the always gorgeous venue, Carousel. Located in Albert park, it boasts lakeside views and a sweeping veranda, perfect for heartfelt nuptials. It’s gorgeous shell flooring and white ceiling work makes for a perfect venue to host one of our chandeliers.

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It’s a chandelier that just oozes glamour and timeless bridal style.


The chandelier look

Bianca and Mike decided they loved the look of our Medium sized Ava chandelier and wanted to soften the venue space with our ceiling draping. Fairylight strands on top of our bridal white draping added some extra warmth and glam to the overall arrangement over the Carousel dance floor. 

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The Ava is our most classic, romantic style of chandelier in our chandelier range. The medium sized Ava as used in Bianca and Mike’s wedding was an 18 armed crystal chandelier, dripping in teardrop cut crystal detailing. It’s a chandelier that just oozes glamour and timeless bridal style.


Fairylight draping

We used six of our bridal white ceiling drapes to lower the roof height and add a touch of softness to the overall event space and adds a focal point to the centre of the venue, encouraging guests to dance underneath all night long.

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Let’s talk chandeliers!

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