Do you have a minimum spend?

Yes we do. For us to come out to your venue and make it look AH-MA-ZING, we have a minimum spend of $1080 AUD to ensure we cover our own labour costs.

Can I install your chandeliers myself?

As fun as it may be to learn a new skill, this is not it. Our people are qualified riggers that install our chandeliers with high safety standards and OHS guidelines to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Do your chandeliers light up?

They sure do! Our chandeliers are all fitted with LED light bulbs for extra brightness and they emit less heat so we don’t melt your makeup off!

Do your prices include delivery and setup?

We calculate delivery and setup based on your venue location and distance as well as specific venue requirements such as scissor lifters and technical requirements. As each venue is different and requires different equipment we cannot include delivery and setup in the price of our packages and chandeliers.

Where can they be installed?

Our chandeliers can only be installed in indoor venues that have a rated rigging point, if your unsure if your venue has one ~ ask! They will absolutely know if we can install chandeliers in their venue.

Are your chandeliers dimmable?

Absolutely. Our chandeliers are dimmable to get that soft glow magic you’re after. Please note, that we cannot change that brightness throughout your event. Once it’s set, that’s it.

Can I have fresh cut florals as well?

You can. We do advise that your florist be mindful not to use wet oasis around our chandeliers as it is still an electrical appliance and we have a duty of care to you to ensure our equipment is safe at all times. Wet oasis compromises this safety.

Are they battery operated?

No they are not. These babies require an outlet as they are still very much an appliance that requires a plug and socket to power up.

Can I buy your chandeliers?

Unfortunately, our chandeliers are a strictly hire only item. We’re glad you love them as much as we do! We sometimes sell our older stock, sure if you are looking for a great deal, sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop.

Any other questions?

Head on over to the contact page and feel free to ask us anything else we haven’t thought of.